2020.03 March--Self Care, About Me, Encouragement, Hope Joy

Word of the Week: Be

My state will be on lock down starting at 11:00 tonight. My family hasn't left our property since Saturday a week ago anyway, with the exception of my husband who is essential personnel. He has probably one more week of working overtime and nights, so we are all really looking forward to getting him back… Continue reading Word of the Week: Be

Encouragement, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Prepare

This is not the post I was prepared to be writing this week. I was prepared to focus on celebrating my upcoming birthday, but I feel like I need a new focus now. The last few days have brought many, many, changes to all our lives. Here in Ohio schools are closed for the next… Continue reading Word of the Week: Prepare

2019.12 December--Advent, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Hope

My #jpwGratitude challenge has concluded. I always grow by choosing something to be grateful for each day for a month. Some of the prompts (which I choose at random) actually made me dig deeper than I am comfortable, which is something I am, well, grateful for. I want to keep that energy going, but sometimes… Continue reading Word of the Week: Hope