2020.06 Joyful June, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Optimism

This week I want to talk a little about optimism. Right now there is a lot of scary stuff going on in the world, but I am choosing to believe everything will turn out better than what came before. Optimism is not a cop out for not doing anything, closing out the world, and pretending everything is hunky-dory. For me, optimism is a call to action, a belief that things will improve and that I have the power to make them better.

So if current events have you down, do your part to improve the status quo. Protest, volunteer, donate, vote, wear your mask, help out your neighbor, do whatever you you have the power to do, no matter how small. Together we can make the world a better place.

What does optimism mean to you?

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