2020.03 March--Self Care, Books, Encouragement, Hope Joy, Recommendations, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Grow

Growth: as humans we are always changing, but are we growing, maturing, improving? That’s really the goal isn’t it? As I approach my birthday this year I’m trying to take some time to celebrate all the ways I have grown in the last few years despite all the setbacks my brain wants to focus on.

  • I’ve kept a succulent alive for three months and an orchid alive for a month, both are blooming and going strong. Maybe I’ve finally overcome my black thumb!
  • I’ve picked my reading hobby back up and average just over a book a week with a diverse reading list. (Here’s my Good Reads profile if you are interested.)
  • I have finally accepted help I need without shame.
  • I am making progress in fighting the darkness and depression that have been overtaking my life over the last five years.
  • I’m learning to rest when I need to and say no without guilt.

Growth is not easy or comfortable or fast, but it is essential. So here are my quotes to help keep you inspired to keep growing this week. Remember to follow my on Facebook or Instagram (#jpwWordoftheWeek) for a little daily inspiration. Please tell me in the comments: how have you grown in the last year?

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