2019.12 December--Advent, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Hope

My #jpwGratitude challenge has concluded. I always grow by choosing something to be grateful for each day for a month. Some of the prompts (which I choose at random) actually made me dig deeper than I am comfortable, which is something I am, well, grateful for.

I want to keep that energy going, but sometimes a whole month is a stretch for a single word of concept. So instead I’ll be sharing a general topic for the month and a word each week to focus on. I hope you will join in on the conversation on Facebook and/or Instagram so we can all learn and grow together.

As a Christian I have been inspired by Advent for the month of December. But the conversation doesn’t need to be focused on a Christian faith. I would love to hear how these words are meaningful to others with different backgrounds.


My first word is Hope. Hope, to me, is choosing to believe that things will get better even if everything is dark. Hope is not being afraid to feel joy, even though it may be fleeting. Hope often seems naive, but it is strength and power. Hope is where all good things begin.

So follow me on Facebook or Instagram for my thoughts on these daily reminders of Hope this week. Use #jpwWordOfTheWeek and #jpwHope to share your own experiences with hope. Tell me, what does Hope mean to you?

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