2020.09 Balanced September

Word of the Week: Rooted

I have struggled with choosing my word for the last week of my balanced September. The thesaurus has offered up words like assurance, calmness, justice, and equity. All very good words that deserve some time and meditation, but they drew me away from my original focus of physical and emotional balance. I considered also harmony… Continue reading Word of the Week: Rooted

2020.09 Balanced September, Encouragement, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Stability

Sometimes I think stability gets a bad rap as being boring or an enemy of progress. But it is really hard to more forward and test the limits without stability in your life. You must be able to stand firmly on two feet before you can walk, and you must be able to walk without… Continue reading Word of the Week: Stability

2020.09 Balanced September, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Align

Alignment, for me, is focused on my family first. Keeping kindness in the forefront, working as a team. Remembering that caring for myself is caring for my family. Remembering that mindlessly numbing myself with social media is not actually self care. When I have these things prioritized then no matter how chaotic our calendar is or how loud our house is, there is still peace.