2020.08 Persevering August, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Persevere

A while back I made my husband take a silly Facebook quiz during which he said that the thing he most admires about me is my ability to persevere. Not gonna lie, I am tearing up a little right now just thinking about it. This is not a trait I would have every assigned myself. So often I feel like I am falling so short on just about any goals I set for myself. I am typically not impressed with my seeming lack of ability to get back up and keep up with the unreasonable expectations I set for myself.

But then I look at the definition of perseverance, which is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Well I certainly have had lots of delays in achieving my goals. And it seems like every time I start to get back on track something else pops up to derail me again (like a tumor, a week of migraines, or a global pandemic). Each of those delays are caused by a host of difficulties to slow me down.

And so to honor my on going quest to separate my limits from excuses I want to take a month to focus on something that other people seem to think I’m doing right, which is persevering.

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