2020.01 January--New Year, Encouragement, Girl Boss, Hope Joy, Most Popular, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Focus

I am someone who is easily distracted. In someways I treasure this trait. There is such joy to be found in catching the small ordinary beautiful surprises that are missed by people completely focused on where they are going or what specifically they are doing. In other ways it is very frustrating to spend an… Continue reading Word of the Week: Focus

2020.01 January--New Year, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Habit

On this journey of New Year’s words so far we have done change, intention, and goals. All of these big things we’ve dreamed up the last three weeks, none of them are going to stick unless they are made into habits. Discussing habits this week is not a coincidence. It takes 21 days to create… Continue reading Word of the Week: Habit