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Word of the Week: Prepare

This is not the post I was prepared to be writing this week. I was prepared to focus on celebrating my upcoming birthday, but I feel like I need a new focus now.

The last few days have brought many, many, changes to all our lives. Here in Ohio schools are closed for the next three weeks. Our school district has already gone ahead and expanded that to five weeks (the end of the previously scheduled spring break). The governor is warning that schools may not open again this year. We have had to cancel many activities. My middle son was suppose to play goalie this weekend at our ECHL arena (his dream), and was devastated that not only was he not going to get to play–his Walleye and Red Wings weren’t playing either so he can’t even watch them on TV. As a scout leader I’ve been scrambling with my fellow volunteers for ways to keep our kids engaged and active even though we can’t see them, and I know our teachers have been knocking themselves out too.

The unfortunate fact is that we are just at the beginning of this. This week so many community leaders and families are preparing for the long haul. Yes, a lot of us are feeling behind the ball because a pandemic of this magnitude has stuck the US in 100 years, but it is not too late to pause and look at the long term (and it probably doesn’t look like needing two years worth of toilet paper). I’m not really going to give advice on how to do that because it is going to look a little different for each household. The only advice I would give is to be prepared to be flexible because things are changing daily.

Any way, I hope these quotes can inspire a little calm while you prepare for the weeks ahead.

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