2020.03 March--Self Care, About Me, Encouragement, Hope Joy

Word of the Week: Be

My state will be on lock down starting at 11:00 tonight. My family hasn't left our property since Saturday a week ago anyway, with the exception of my husband who is essential personnel. He has probably one more week of working overtime and nights, so we are all really looking forward to getting him back… Continue reading Word of the Week: Be

2020.03 March--Self Care, Books, Encouragement, Hope Joy, Recommendations, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Grow

Growth: as humans we are always changing, but are we growing, maturing, improving? That's really the goal isn't it? As I approach my birthday this year I'm trying to take some time to celebrate all the ways I have grown in the last few years despite all the setbacks my brain wants to focus on.… Continue reading Word of the Week: Grow

2020.03 March--Self Care, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: SELF

It’s my birthday month. Which seems like the perfect time to be focused on myself. All my words this month will be looking inward to my self worth, self growth, and inner joys. As I am sure you can imagine, a mom of five doesn’t get a whole lot of time to herself. Although with… Continue reading Word of the Week: SELF