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Lush Lashes

If I had to pick one favorite beauty product (not counting skin care) I would absolutely pick mascara. I love my lip color, but I need the mascara to wake up my eyes or nothing else matters. It seems pretty simple, but here are a few tips to master your mascara for stunning lush lashes.

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Eye Love Color 2

Today we are looking at some everyday eye looks that you can wear using one to four shades of eye shadow. Don't get overwhelmed, I promise you can achieve this with a toddler hanging on your leg and three to four kids asking a hundred and one questions while getting ready for school in the… Continue reading Eye Love Color 2

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If you are wearing your mask out in public (which I hope you are) you may be feeling like your eyes need a little more attention. So the next few weeks are going to be all about eyes--from keeping the skin around them healthy to lids, lashes, and liners. No amount of make-up can make… Continue reading Eye-mazing