2020.03 March--Self Care, About Me, Encouragement, Hope Joy

Word of the Week: Be

My state will be on lock down starting at 11:00 tonight. My family hasn’t left our property since Saturday a week ago anyway, with the exception of my husband who is essential personnel. He has probably one more week of working overtime and nights, so we are all really looking forward to getting him back and at least having that sense of normalcy in our household.

The adrenaline that kept me going in the first days of these big changes has worn off and, as expected, the depression is creeping back in. This may be most driven by the fact that I’m hardly ever seeing my husband and mostly solo parenting through this crisis. I keep falling back on my vision statement for the year. I had no idea when it was given to me how important it would be.

Personally, I’m an introvert, so staying home is not that bad for me. My son is an extrovert and has really been struggling, so much of my attention has been on him. He is in an awkward time of life anyway and this is all making everything that much harder, so this post is for him.

Precious child,

Things are getting a little scary, we are all a little lonely. This will pass. Things are also turning beautiful out there. Look at all the people putting their skills to work to sew masks for hospitals. Look at the long underappreciated essential personnel who keep showing up, the truckers, the grocery clerks, the nurses, to serve their communities. Look at the amazing education system knocking themselves out to provide lunches to underprivileged families and engaging activities for their students to do at home. Our communities are scared–but they are still hopeful. I pray that you will remain hopeful too. I know that you can be (and are) amazing…

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