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Blushing Beauty

Of all the color I used prior to becoming a beauty consultant I found blush to be the most confusing. It was streaky and either bright pink or completely vanished. Then I became a consultant and was introduced to contouring. Ack! Is there anything more intimidating? Well never fear. With a little bit of color theory (and some experimentation) I have now found a few colors I love AND I do some basic contouring as part of my routine. This week I’m going to help you find the right color, then come back next week to apply it to perfection


Picking a color requires knowing your skin tone and your undertone.

Your skin tone is easy. Ivory is the lightest, beige is in the middle, and bronze is the darkest. Your skin tone may change throughout the year. Right now I am a dark ivory, in summer I tend to be more light beige. The darker your skin tone, the deeper the blush you should wear.

Your undertone can be a little trickier to figure out. If you are on the pink side you have a cool undertone. If your skin is slightly yellowish then you have a warm undertone. If you are neither, or feel like you might be both, you probably have a neutral undertone, like me. Your undertone does not change no matter how much sun you get. This Flawless Foundation post from last fall goes into more detail on how to find your undertone.

Cool Blush Colors

Cool undertones look best with pinks, fuschia, and berries. Yes you can get away with what looks like a Barbie pink without it looking doll-ish because those shades are already in your skin.

Warm Blush Colors

If you have a warm undertone you should be looking for warm browns, corals, and peaches to bring out the warmth in your skin.

Neutral Blush Colors

Now for those of you who are like me and have the easy/tricky neutral undertone, you can wear almost anything. I find that I prefer warmer blushes in the summer as I get a little darker and cooler blushes in the winter. I find that berries and peaches are not as cool/warm as other shades, so those can be great colors on neutral undertones.

Mauve is neutral and will suit just about everyone.

Bring on the drama!

Want a more dramatic look? You can go darker or use more product. But you could also try a contrasting blush. which will naturally stand out from your skin tone more. Cool and fair? Try copper or coral. Warm? Try a berry or watermelon shade.

I hope you find this guide helpful, but for best results speak with someone trained to help you find the right products and get the most from them. Your local Independent Beauty Consultant has an abundance of products to specialize your skin care and makeup to meet your specific needs. Don’t have an Independent Beauty Consultant? Ask your questions here!

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