2020.02 February--Love, About Me, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Heart

My last word for February is heart. And try as I might, my heart just isn’t in this one. I’m tired. My husband has the flu. The kids are being wild. The dog is dying. This post is 100% habit because sometimes the motivation just isn’t there.

And that is ok because it will get better. A positive attitude and outlook are important, but sometimes life just isn’t sunshine and flowers. But still I will overcome this slump and persist.

Since I’m just not feeling it this week I’d like to leave you with a poem by Selena Odam. You can see more of Selena Odam’s work at Family Friend Poetry

I Bend By Selena Odom

I bend but do not break.
I’ve been lost, but I’m not a loser.
I’m a wreck, but I’m not totaled.
I’m fractured but not broken.
I’ve failed, but I’m not a failure.
I’ve fallen hard but can get up again.
I’m isolated, but still I’m free.
I have been destroyed but will rebuild.
My heart is broken, but it will mend.
See, no matter how close I come to breaking, I just continue to bend.

Here’s a little more inspiration to get you through the week. Follow #jpwWordoftheWeek on Instagram to get my daily take on each quote.

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