2020.03 March--Self Care, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: SELF

It’s my birthday month. Which seems like the perfect time to be focused on myself. All my words this month will be looking inward to my self worth, self growth, and inner joys.

As I am sure you can imagine, a mom of five doesn’t get a whole lot of time to herself. Although with four out of five in school and a local retired Nana, I get more time than I use to. That time is typically spent at doctor’s appointments. I’ll be starting vision therapy this week that will take up another morning. And while health care is certainly an important part of self care, I’m not sure that it really qualifies as “me” time.

My youngest is also deep in the throws of a phase where everything he doesn’t like, including anyone enforcing the rules, is “so stupid” or “dumb” and he “hates” them. I know it is just a phase, and we have talked numerous times about being nice, and he doesn’t mean it, and he tells me he loves me three times for every insult—but a person can only be told they are hated so many times a day before it starts to chip away at her self worth a little.

But I’ve been focusing on a lot of positive self talk to help get through it. What do you tell yourself when you are feeling down and defeated?

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