Wow! What a year. I appreciate the your patience waiting for my return. I am so grateful for the ability to take the time off to focus on my own recovery from my crainiotomy 6 months ago and to focus on getting my children through this very hard year. Its been particularly tough on my middle son who was diagnosed with both ADHD and anxiety which has been crippling him for most of the year. Blessedly we have found many tools that work for him and things have been steadily improving for the last month.

My word for the year is “Renewal.” After all the struggles that began or came to a head in 2020 I am (mostly) ready to start over and renew myself. Issues with school for the boys seemed to keep popping up every time I felt like I found my footing again, and now that school has finished I am feeling quite unsure of how to restart. So I am starting back at the beginning with a focus on the word I choose for the year and some meaningful self care.

Maybe you are feeling a little lost as we resume a sense of normalcy too. If you have been feeling a little adrift, like me, I hope I can help inspire you to find your way again. Sending all of you so much love.

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