2020.02 February--Love, About Me, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Love

Its a new month with a new theme. February is a special month to me. This Sunday marks the 22nd anniversary of when my husband and I started dating. We were just babies. Seriously, my oldest is only a year younger than we were at the time. Holy smokes, there’s some math that baffles my brain.

Anyway, with our anniversary and Valentine’s day I have decide to focus on all things romantic love this month, but that is not to say it won’t bleed over into other areas of life. Love, passion, commitment are all things that we should have in all areas of our lives.

You might see a few repeats from December’s unconditional love, because that is an important part of romantic love for me. But it’s also a little more light-hearted than the past few months, so I hope you get a few laughs and smiles too.

And please take a moment in the comments to share with me what true love looks like to you.

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