2020.01 January--New Year, Encouragement, Girl Boss, Hope Joy, Most Popular, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Focus

I am someone who is easily distracted. In someways I treasure this trait. There is such joy to be found in catching the small ordinary beautiful surprises that are missed by people completely focused on where they are going or what specifically they are doing.

In other ways it is very frustrating to spend an entire day being very busy starting some many jobs,without completing a single task. I call these my “If you give a mouse a cookie” days. I get flashes of Gold Leader reminding me to “Stay on Target” during the battle to destroy the first Death Star. I’m actually considering getting a print of the inside of an X-wing with the words emblazoned over the controls, maybe a keychain. I wonder where I could find something like that…


My sales director has named her unit the FOCUS unit. Reminding us to “Follow One Course Until Successful”. This year, 2020 (the year of the eye doctor), is an ideal time to focus on “focus”. I hope his week we can meditate on a few ways to improve our focus. Tell me in the comments, what is your focus going into February?

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