2020.09 Balanced September, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Align

Here I was, all prepared to post about balance for Balance Awareness Week, when I finally processed that it is next week (September 13-19). So here I am thrown off balance and a little frustrated that my plans have been thrown awry and instead of being ahead of the ball and prepared I am once again behind for the day. But I am prepared for next week, so that is a perk I guess.

It’s been a challenging week in our home. We tried starting our virtual learning courses but the operating system has a huge learning curve for parents which threw me off course. The fact that it wasn’t ready for us to log in until three days after we were supposed to start didn’t help either. Combined with weather changes that have left me physically off-balance, extra fatigued, and fighting migraines, well….

So this week I am focusing on getting re-aligned, getting things prepped and organized, getting some extra rest, giving some extra grace, and just creating a little more peace in our house. I got so focused on the difficulties I was having that I forgot the importance of remaining optimistic and calm. I forgot the importance of slowing down and approaching problems one piece at a time and remembering not to get too far ahead of myself. I forgot that I am not doing this all by myself.

Alignment, for me, is focused on my family first. Keeping kindness in the forefront, working as a team. Remembering that caring for myself is caring for my family. Remembering that mindlessly numbing myself with social media is not actually self care. When I have these things prioritized then no matter how chaotic our calendar is or how loud our house is, there is still peace.

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