2020.09 Balanced September

Word of the Week: Rooted

I have struggled with choosing my word for the last week of my balanced September. The thesaurus has offered up words like assurance, calmness, justice, and equity. All very good words that deserve some time and meditation, but they drew me away from my original focus of physical and emotional balance. I considered also harmony and flow before finally landing on “rooted”.

I feel like rooted reaches into both realms well. Starting with keeping my physical balance, pausing to be sure that I am on steady footing really feeling the ground beneath me is one of the most important things to be mindful of. Making contact with the ground, moving with it, adjusting to it’s softness or hardness. It’s when I rush or allow myself to be distracted that I stumble.

It’s the same in the emotional world as well. To fight the depression that seems to always be lurking I need to be sure to pause to check in with my heart and values. I need to check to ensure that I am acting in accordance with my values and who I am in my core. Sometimes I am rushing through things be keep up with the world, sometimes I’m just too distracted by the world. I stumble and need to slow down in order to heal.

I hope my words this month have helped to to become more rooted, but flexible. To be stable in your convictions and aligned in your soul. To be more balanced.

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