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Superlative Lines

So we’ve done eye care, eye colors, and mascara, now on to eyeliner.

I feel like I’ve been working on this post since May, but I usually rely primarily on mascara to define my eyes. So I’ve been working with all these tips to make sure they do fall within my easy beauty goal. Liner does fall outside of the “doable with a toddler clinging to your leg” reality that I typically live within, but the “baby” is four and I do have a little more time and flexibility now. And I can create a nice line before the boys destroy the house, so I think it passes.

I do love the look of wearing eyeliner, and my husband really likes it. I feel like I look a little less fatigued and a lot more put together with eyeliner, so it may become a more regular part of my beauty routine. It does get easier with practice.

Picking a Formula

First you want to pick the right type of eyeliner for the look you want.

Powder/Cake Eyeliner is my favorite. It’s very forgiving, and it is already in my eye palette. You don’t have to use a special product, your favorite dark eye shadows work fine. Wet your brush first for a more dramatic look.

Pencil eyeliner is what I always think of first when I think of eyeliner, but they have a propensity to smudge. Pick something that isn’t overly soft but isn’t so hard that it tugs at the skin. Set it with a powder eye shadow to help prevent smearing.

Gel or cream eyeliners are applied with a brush and set quickly, which makes them ideal for anyone with oily lids or for use when it is humid or wet out. They don’t work as well for smoky looks, because they set too fast.

Liquid eyeliner is the most dramatic and best for looks that require precision. They take a bit of practice, so be patient with yourself if you are new to liquid liner.

What’s your Eye Shape?

Your eye shape may be the most influential factor in how you apply your eyeliner. For a large lid area you can go for a thicker yet softer line, whereas someone with smaller lids want a thin precision line. Those with hooded eyes may want to skip lining the bottom lid, as that can make their eyes appear closed off. Someone with wide set eyes can help close the space by lining the inner corners of their eyes. For someone with down-turned eyes, including a little swoop or wing at the end can perk up the look of their eyes.

More Application Tips

  • Instead of drawing one long line across you lids, connect several small lines for more accuracy.
  • Mix and match formulas to suit your look, for example for a cat eye look try a liquid liner for precision in the corners and an easy to use gel or pencil liner on the lids
  • For winged eyeliner, draw your line across the lid stopping at the corner of your eye, then place the point of your pencil where you want the tip of the wing to be and connect the lines.
  • Keep a pointed cotton swab and some oil-free make-up remover on hand to gently erase any mistakes.

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