2019.12 December--Advent, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Peace

Peace. I’m a mom of five boys, ages 4 (later this week) to 14, add a tumor causing vertigo and tinnitus to the top of that, and peace is something very rare and precious to me. As I write this my house looks like a bomb full of cereal, school papers, and dirty socks went off, again. And I definitely look like I was caught in the blast.

Of course at home I have ways of temporarily stealing a little bit of peace. Copious amounts of tea, favorite music and books, watching my children sleep (seriously SO PRECIOUS). I keep a little bit of peace in a foil pouch in my medicine cabinet at all times. (Learn more about this favorite of mine here).

And then I turn on the news, and all the chaos in my house pales in comparison. Just this morning I’ve seen grown men in power bullying teen-aged girls on Twitter, a bomb threat at a local high school, and a known animal abuser receiving professional honors in a very public forum. Those are stories I’ve seen in under 1 hour TODAY.

The world is so much in need of peace that it feels overwhelming at times. This was my state of mind when I looked for things to meditate on this week. I hope these thoughts can offer you a little bit of hope, comfort, and peace in this crazy world.

Follow me on Facebook or Instrgram #jpwWordoftheWeek for my daily deeper insight on peace, I’d love to get your thoughts too! Tell me in the comments below: What does peace mean to you?

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