2020.09 Balanced September, About Me, Encouragement, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Flexibility

My theme for September is Balance, but since next week is balance awareness week, I’m saving that word.

I thought I would start of with flexibility instead. We had the privilege of going canoeing last week. I love canoeing and being on the river, despite the fact that I have been turned over more than once in my life and sometimes on cold dreary days. After many years canoeing together my husband and I have finally got a good rhythm and did not end up in the river this year. We even avoid most snags, but there was one I was sure was going to turn us over. I wasn’t paying attention and we got caught on a stump in the middle of the river, just below the water. It caught us right in the middle of the boat, leaving us teetering front to back and side to side in the current. Thankfully we had our 6 year old who sat relatively still in the middle and not our 4-year-old who would have wanted to investigate. One thing that struck me while we were carefully trying to rock off the stump was how much moving we had to do to stay balanced. Shifting weight forward, back, left, right, up, or down. Every time we managed to move a little we had to re-balance.

In my vestibular therapy, my PT stressed the same thing. Not to lock my knees, to stay flexible so that I could adjust more easily to changes. But I don’t think staying flexible applies only to being physically balanced. That may be one of the top lessons of 2020.

We’ve all had to be flexible this year. Shifting from working in the office to working at home, and for some, going back. Parents have especially been challenged with making changes to balance getting work done while facilitating their children’s education. In my home I’ve got four who will be doing virtual learning all year starting Wednesday, and a pre-schooler that I have to come up with school work for so he feels included. This month is sure to be a challenge as we work out routines and how to make sure everyone (including me) is getting their work done. My Doctor of Otology-Neurotology has recommended surgery to remove my vestibular schwannoma, so I am especially thankful for the flexibility offered by entirely online learning this year despite the challenges of getting the routine created.

So I hope these quotes can help inspire you to stay flexible in life so that you may achieve balance.

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