About Me

Hiatus Update

Hello all my lovely people. Just popping by to give you a quick update.

First, yes I’m still here and yes I intend to start writing again.

I had my tumor removed on November 30. I had the best possible outcome. My balance improved immediately and my hearing was preserved. Aside from an itchy incision site, some wicked fatigue, and a little loss of concentration, I’m pretty much recovered and so excited to be moving on without some of the difficulties caused by the tumor.

Also on the bright side my 1st grader has returned to hybrid learning and is in the classroom four days a week. Consuming my time are my three students who are still on virtual learning. I can honestly say that brain surgery is preferable to getting my third grader through his online learning.

Getting these boys through their virtual schooling consumes pretty much all my time and energy. In fact I’ve been trying to get this post done since Christmas, and can only complete it now on my phone while I wait for my son to finish a doctor’s appointment.

I am squeezing in some research and learning though. And I have a list of ideas and notes for posts moving forward. School ends June 3 (hurray!) so even if nothing gets any easier before that I will return to writing this summer. My skin care and beauty business does remain open in the meantime.

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