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Flawless Foundation Application

So you have picked your perfect foundation and your skin care game is on point, the final step in getting a flawless foundation is the application.



Yes, they are always there, and your fingers will work in a pinch, but your fingers are far from an ideal applicator. It is very difficult to get an even application with your fingers. Anytime you are using your fingers on your face be sure to wash your hands first so you are not rubbing bacteria into your skin.

Blending Sponge

A sponge or beauty blender is suitable for both a liquid foundation or a powder foundation. Used with a powder foundation a sponge will give you fuller coverage than a brush. Used with a liquid foundation a sponge will give you sheerer coverage than a brush.

Liquid Foundation Brush

Use a densely bristled brush to hold just the right amount of liquid foundation for medium coverage. These may be flat with a tapered head or full with a flat or angled head. I prefer the dual benefits an angled flat top provides. It allows foundation to be applied directly to the brush instead of to the back of your hand, reducing mess. Its slight angle reaches every unique contour of the face, helping to blend easily as you build to desired coverage

Blending Brush

A blending brush offers easy application and seamless blend-ability. It has oval-shaped head (like a hair brush) and tons of short, densely packed bristles work overtime with liquid or cream foundation to blur imperfections and create all-over full coverage. I am in love with the softness of my blending brush is and how easy it is to use. I do find that it requires more frequent deep cleaning than my liquid foundation brush, but is easier to clean.

Powder Foundation Brush

A dense, rounded top provides perfect pickup and even, controlled application of powder foundation. It helps achieve a natural finish, allowing you to build to your desired coverage with minimal dusting.

All-Over Powder Brush

A large domed brush will give the sheerest powder coverage and glides easily over a liquid foundation. This brush is perfect for providing a clean finish to your foundation application.

Cream Color or Concealer Brush

Small cream brush is ideal for corrector or concealer or any place you just want a tad extra coverage with your liquid foundation. This style brush can also be used for cream eye color or lip color, but for hygienic purposes you should have one dedicated brush for each type of product.

Brush Cleaner

The key to getting a clean flawless makeup look is to always be using clean brushes. Use a spray on brush cleaner to give your brushes a light cleaning daily between weekly deep cleaning. Just spray some on your brush and then brush a clean paper towel or dark wash cloth. For liquid foundation brushes you may want to saturate the paper towel instead of the brush, to help get between the dense bristles.

Application steps

I’m going to walk you through my routine. Most days, I wear a liquid foundation. For a more polished look on special occasions I finish with a sheer powder foundation over my liquid foundation. The order is the same whether you wear just liquid, just powder, or both.

Wash your face

It is important to start with a clean pallet for your foundation. Wash and moisturize (yes, moisturize even if you have oily skin). Allow the moisturizer to be absorbed into your skin before applying your foundation. I try to wash my face first thing, then get dressed and do my hair while the moisturizer sets before doing my makeup.

Use a Primer

Primer is a key step in evening out your skin’s texture before you apply foundation. It will prevent your foundation from settling into fine lines and also help your foundation to wear better throughout the day so you can look forward to fewer touch ups.

Squeeze a pea sized amount of primer on to the back of your hand. Then with your middle and ring fingers gently apply an even layer all over your face. Don’t forget around your eyes!

If you have oily skin you may want to consider mixing a little oil mattifier to your primer to reduce shine and oiliness. Although I tend towards dry skin, I like to do this in the summer heat.

Boost the power of your primer by using a finishing spray before applying any foundation. Just be sure to let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Apply liquid foundation

Dispense a small amount of liquid foundation onto a clean surface, such as the back of your hand. Using a clean applicator dip the applicator in the product, picking up a small amount. Start applying product in the middle of your face by gently dabbing/stippling on your foundation and work outward in small circles. Then blend, blend, blend! By starting in the center your foundation will more naturally blend out towards the edge of your face.

Apply under eye corrector or concealer as needed

That’s right! Corrector and Concealer go on OVER your liquid foundation. This is going to help you to use less product because the foundation is already helping to even out your skin. I typically find that I can layer on a little more foundation on most of my blemishes, but do use the under eye corrector. Gently blend out any corrector or concealer with a cream color brush or beauty blender.

Also note that under eye corrector and concealer are not the same tool. Under eye corrector has a slightly pink tone to counteract the darkness of under eye discoloration. Concealer, however, has a slightly green/yellow tone to counteract redness.

Apply powder foundation

If you are doing any contouring, applying it prior to your powder foundation will allow for easier blending and a more natural look.

Using a clean applicator gently swirl the brush in your product. Tap off excess powder. Apply starting in the middle of your face and gently brush (or dab, if you are using a sponge) outward in small circles. Don’t forget to blend, baby, blend.


After applying your powder, use a clean all-over facial brush to gently brush off any excess powder. I prefer to wait to do this until after I have applied my blush. Use a gentle swirling motion to lightly dust any extra powder off your face. The final result should be invisible foundation that matches the color of your face, but evens out your complexion and skin tone.

A finishing spray applied after your color is complete will add extra staying power to your whole look.

To get the most out of your foundation, speak with someone trained to help you find the right foundation and apply it flawlessly. Your local Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant has an abundance of products to specialize your skin care and makeup to meet your specific needs. Don’t have an Independent Beauty Consultant? Ask your questions here!

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