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Word of the Week: Focus

I am someone who is easily distracted. In someways I treasure this trait. There is such joy to be found in catching the small ordinary beautiful surprises that are missed by people completely focused on where they are going or what specifically they are doing. In other ways it is very frustrating to spend an… Continue reading Word of the Week: Focus

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How to Support your #GirlBoss Friends

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this out. I've had it written for almost two weeks, but a head cold (on top of everything else) has taken more out of me than I expected. The words are finally not swimming on the page, so I hope I've caught my typos and everything… Continue reading How to Support your #GirlBoss Friends

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My Beauty Philosophy

If you followed my old blog, you've probably seen this before. But I thought the best way to launch my new site is to tell you a little about my beauty philosophy. These beliefs influence all my posts here, from information about healthy skin and easy color techniques to encouragement for the hard days. Beauty… Continue reading My Beauty Philosophy