2020.10 Patient October, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Patience

So how is this autumn going for you so far? Ours has been….let’s just say challenging. My boys elected to do asynchronous virtual learning through their school and the platform is not living up to expectations. Not for our family, our school system, or from what I can tell anyone else using this platform. We had a soft roll out at the beginning of September with the first offical day of lessons starting September 14th. Well we worked daily for an entire week before the offical start day but my elementary students are a week or more behind in nearly all of their subjects as we go into week four.

The whole experience has been an exercise in patience for me. Patience with the wiggly boys who just won’t sit down and do their gosh darn work, because throwing my hands up and letting them watch You Tube instead won’t get the work done any faster. Patience with the exceedingly frustrating platform, because throwing my computer through the window would just make things more difficult. Patience with myself, because I will get it figured out eventually (I think I’m almost there). And perhaps most difficult, teach them patience with all of their new challenges, because as much as I am struggling they are struggling more.

And so I sit up at the computer well past my bedtime, knowing that it will make it that much more difficult to go to sleep, trying to prepare for the next day. Printing worksheets, filing away today’s completed work, re-working our lesson goals for the week (again), and maybe–just maybe–I may find time to work on some of my own stuff. Like work on this blog post and cry just a little about how much my kids are struggling as I pull up quotes for the week.

I hope your September went better than mine. If not I wish for you to find your inner patience and know that better times are coming.

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