Word of the Week: Determination

Life happens and for a variety of reasons (mostly good) my PC is unavailable to me to write this post, but I am determined to still get this out to you this week so I am working from my phone. So please be patient if autocorrect gets the best of me.

The next several months are going to take a lot of determination to get through. My boys start virtual learning on Monday—I think. Orientation got pushed back from last week to this Wednesday so we are still not completely sure what is going to happen. Setting those routines and getting all four of them through their work daily, while keeping the preschooler entertained, it going to present some challenges.

I’m also working especially hard on keeping a positive and laidback attitude this week while I wait for my MRI and hearing test which are on Thursday. I want to have measurable data to see what my tumor is doing. But I am determined not to let the anxiety get the best of me.

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