2020.08 Persevering August, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Tenacity

My body is beating me up this week. Cough, congestion, migraine, you name it. Fortunately the COVID test came back negative. Everything is mostly in my head so I am leaning towards sinus infection, or maybe an especially bad allergy season. And, of course, whatever it is, everything else flares up when I am run down. But I shouldn’t need to reschedule my “6-month” tumor check up again, so I am very happy about finally getting another look at what my Vestibular Schwannoma has been doing for the last year.

The word for this week is tenacity, which is the ability or quality of having a firm grip on something, being very determined, or continuing to exist. I don’t really feel like I’ve got a grip on anything right now, but I am determined that my work should continue to exist, even if it is being completed a little more slowly than I would prefer. But something that came up a lot when I was starting to think about tenacity was patience. You don’t need to be tenacious with things that are completed quickly or easily, it is a quality you need for real long-term growth and change. It takes patience with the journey to stay on long hard roads.

So here is to remaining patient with the obstacles (like my health) and staying the course.

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