2020.07 Courageous July, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Brave

Boy oh boy, this has been a physically challenging week and I’m not even sure why. My vertigo has been knocking me down and my eyes just have not been working together well. Add a disagreeable PC and glitchy mobile device and it feels a little like the world is conspiring against me–or maybe it’s telling me to rest but I’m not willing to listen.

Either way I am going to charge ahead with a goal of getting as close to my previous schedule as possible (although I’m already behind). It feels like it’s going to be a “one-step-at-a-time” and “do-your-best” type of week. But that is where the bravery comes in. I’m already failing to meet my goals, already behind, already exhausted, but I am pushing forward anyway.

I think we all have days (or weeks, or seasons) when just getting out of bed and being willing to try is an act of bravery. So I hope if you are going through that right now these quotes will help to remind you how brave you are and encourage you to keep going.


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