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My Favorite Mask

My family is finishing up an adventure, so I thought I’d share this post from May last year. We are all wearing masks right now and the charcoal mask is still my absolute favorite self care product. It is more commonly part of my morning routine anymore, but the pictures come from using it before bedtime.

Washing up with the Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

Step 1: Wash Your Face!

Because it is bedtime and I had makeup on today I used my facial brush with my cleanser. I know women who love to use the brush every time they wash, but I find it can sometimes be a little harsh on my sensitive skin so I usually just use it in the evening. It takes off so much more makeup and grim than just a wash cloth alone. (P.S. I have since replace my brush with an update sonic brush, which I can use every day.)

Clean face, ready to mask!

Step Two: Apply

I usually use a foundation brush to get even coverage with less wasted product. My extra foundation brush has wandered off on three-year-old legs, so I just used my fingers this time. When applying the mask make sure to hit any oily areas. If you have any dry or sensitive areas you may want to avoid using mask there as it can be a drying. My cheeks do tend towards dry, but I often get hormonal pimples there, so I do my whole face and follow up with a moisturizing mask if I’m feeling extra dry.

Fresh Clearproof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask. Now to sit back and relax!

Step Three: Relax!

My favorite part. Just sit back and relax for twenty minutes and let the mask do its work. I love the smell of this mask. Extracts of rosemary and peppermint deliver a fresh scent to awaken your senses.

Uck! Look at all that gunk the mask pulled out of my skin!

Step 4: Wash–Don’t Peel!

First take a look at all the gunk it has pulled out of my pores. The mask is formulated with activated charcoal, an ingredient so powerful, it can bind up to double its weight in pore-clogging impurities. Think of it like a powerful magnet withdrawing dirt and debris from deep within pores. Plus, mineral clay ingredients, kaolin and bentonite, boost the mask’s absorbency. All those dark spots on my face are full of impurities from my skin. You can even see a couple white spots on my nose that have absorbed even more oil from my skin.

To remove the mask all you need is a warm wash cloth. I like to pop mine in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and just lay it on my face. The mask practically melts off. I love that this is a wash off mask because the peeling masks can be irritating and can actually damage sensitive skin. I’m trying to make my skin healthier not damage it more!

Viola! My skin is already looking smother and refreshed.

As you can see there is a little irritation on my cheeks right after using the mask, but you also saw the dark spots on my cheeks so I always make sure to get those pores cleaned out. For me the mild irritation just needs some moisturizer to go down. This amazing mask is an extra step in my nighttime routine that I would ideally be doing a couple times a week, but honesty I’m to tired most nights to add an extra twenty minutes on washing my face. But I’m not quite ready for bed yet.

Power up your skin care with serums

But wait, there’s more…

I usually add a squirt of my favorite serum before I moisturize. Tonight I’m using an antioxidant-rich serum powered by a potent blend of multiple botanical extracts derived from natural ingredients known for their high levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can help protect skin against free radical damage that can impact skin firmness and definition. The pump bottle keeps air out, so the product is super fresh with every application.

Don’t forget to moisturize before bed!

Finally I finish with the night cream and I’ve upgraded to the big girl eye cream from the repairing line, because FIVE BOYS. You skin builds up it’s reserves at night so it’s important to moisturize with a night cream packed with antioxidants.

Enjoying the results the morning after

Here I am this morning before washing my face again. I am not feeling too bright and refreshed, but at least my skin is!

I hope you find this guide helpful, but for best results speak with someone trained to help you find the right products and get the most from them. Your local Independent Beauty Consultant has an abundance of products to specialize your skin care and makeup to meet your specific needs. Don’t have an Independent Beauty Consultant? Ask your questions here!

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