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No More Meltdowns

I had not been a big fan of liquid foundations before becoming an independent beauty consultant. I liked the coverage, but didn’t like the feel. Then I found the right formula for me, and I learned about the importance of wearing a foundation as part of a healthy skin routine, but I was still wary of wearing it in the suffocating humidity of the summer.

I learned this trick from National Sales Director, Cindy Williams. She lives in Texas, so she is familiar with dealing with heat and humidity. She also has oily skin. I am more normal, leaning towards dry, but still love this trick and am loving the results. My make up stays in place so much better, I no longer have to touch up my upper lip and chin constantly, and most importantly, my foundation feels light and my skin can breath.

So here is the secret to fabulous summer foundation.

But first, if you aren’t sure why you should wear foundation or what the right formula for you is, check out my Foundation Fundamentals series.

You will need two clean foundation applicators, a foundation primer (with SPF is best), a liquid oil-mattifier, the foundation of your choice, and a finishing spray.

As always, start with a clean face, and allow your moisturizer to dry completely before applying any other products.

Step 1

Mix a little Oil-Mattifier and Foundation Primer on the back of your hand. Apply as normal. Remember your tool will affect your coverage. For the fullest, most even coverage, I recommend using a clean foundation brush.

Step 2

Use a finishing spray. That’s right, use the finishing spray BEFORE applying your liquid foundation. If you haven’t used a finishing spray before (which I hadn’t), you hold the bottle about 8 inches away from your face and use four quick sprays moving the bottle first in a “T” shape (to get the forehead and nose) and then an “X” shape (to get cheeks). Allow the finishing spray to dry completely

Step 3

Apply your favorite liquid foundation. Be sure to use a clean tool, not the same one you used for the oil-mattifier and primer mixture.

Step 4

Use the finishing spray again, and allow it to dry.

Step 5 (optional)

Apply powder foundation and color, as desired, and apply the finishing spray one more time to set.

That’s it.

Wasn’t that easy?!? I am so loving the results from using this technique. If you have oily skin you can use this year-round for fantastic results. As we get more toward winter and my skin gets drier I drop the oil-mattifier, but still layer the finishing spray. It feels like I’m not wearing anything at all.

See Cindy William’s video, with this and other fun summer tips here

Bonus Summer Hack:

International Beauty Educator/Product Knowledge Specialist/Confidence Building Makeup Artist, Lori Hogg, commented (on Cindy’s video):

OH I LOVE THIS!!!Have you tried under the arm pits??? On the Body?? Ok, straight out of the shower, DRY your body….. spray Finishing Spray under the arms and allow to dry. Apply deodorant OVER the dried Finishing spray……. NO MORE SWEAT MARKS !! It’s amazing. Controls body sweat like NOTHING on EARTH!!!

I have not tried this, but I super excited to give it a go!

So what should I try next? What are your favorite skin care or make-up hacks?

Let me know in the comments below!

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