2020.06 Joyful June, Hope Joy

Word of the Week: Smile

Did you know that smiling can actually improve your mood? It releases endorphins in your brain. Also when you smile, other people are more likely to smile back which in turn broadens your smile and releases more endorphins and so on and so forth. Don’t you just love science?

Smiling is one of my favorite bad mood busters. It’s become such a habit that I even smile when I weep (which my husband thinks is weird, but I find it comforting). Smiling helps me to be more patient, which is ALWAYS needed with five boys to raise. My boys definitely know the difference between my Customer-Service/Mom-is-going-to-lose-it smile and my sincerely happy smile.

The the only downside of having a RSF (resting smiling face) is that people constantly seem to think I work where ever I’m shopping.

So here are a few quotes about smiling to get you through the week with a smile on your face (even if its hard to see under a mask).

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