2020.04 April--Gratitude, Encouragement, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Blessing

This week I want to focus on acknowledging my blessings. I’m still feeling the stress of all that is happening around us, I’m still running out of patience with some of my blessings, I’m still struggling–just like many of you are. Those are all valid things to be feeling right now, and I am someone who has to feel her feelings. But I am choosing not to wallow in what is getting me down and shift my focus with gratitude.

So here are some of my blessings that I am thankful for right now

  • My husband & my kids
  • A house & home
  • That my parents are relatively young and healthy
  • Technology
  • A full pantry
  • Audio books and Streaming TV
  • Tea (and sometimes Irish Cream)
  • Big Kids who can take care of themselves and their brothers
  • Little Kids who still need their mama

What blessings in your life (big and small) are you grateful for?

And of course I’ve got seven days of inspiration for you…

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