2020.04 April--Gratitude, Encouragement, Hope Joy, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Gratitude

I’m going to launch right into April this week with a month focused on being thankful. I had initially planned to do gratitude in May as a halfway point to Thanksgiving, but right now it feel like I need this particular mindfulness practice right now.

My kids are starting their third week at home with the expectation now that they will not return until mid-May, if at all. Thankfully my husband is finally back onto his regular work schedule (as of yesterday) so he will be home for dinner, bedtime, and weekends. I also won’t have to worry so much about keeping the boys quiet during the day.

We have started to get into a new routine, which includes school time and a designated chore time, so some of that work is actually getting done with fewer arguments.

Most importantly everyone is healthy. I’ve been feeling unwell that last few weeks, be it stress, seasonal allergies, or an actually infection, which just makes everything else harder than it has to be. But the boys are all healthy, including the child prone to respiratory infection.

So those are a few things I am feeling grateful for this morning. What are you feeling thankful for?


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