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You Can Contour!

Contouring may be one of the most intimidating makeup technique to low maintenance makeup wearers, like me. Until relatively recently I had no idea how or why to even spend my time on it. But it can be really simple. Contouring accents definition on your face, which is really helpful if life leaves you feeling fatigued and puffy. Areas that are highlighted come forward, areas that are darkened recede.

For the best application use a clean brush for each color you are applying AND a clean brush to blend. Don’t forget to check how well it is blended from all angles. You don’t what to be stunning head on but look like a zebra from the side. Use the charts below to help you with where to place your color.


Blush should start on the apples of your cheeks and move up towards your ears/hairline. Smile and the parts of your cheeks that come forward are where you want to apply blush. If you are not sure what colors to to use for blush, check out last week’s Blushing Beauty post.


Darker contour goes in the hollow of your cheeks to add definition. Pucker up your lips and make your best “Blue Steel” or fishy face to help find the right spot. Do not to extend contour past the outer corner of your eyes. You can also apply it on either side of your nose, on the jaw line, or upper corners of the forehead to minimize those areas some.


Highlight should be applied where the light most naturally hits your face like the tops of your cheek bones and your t-zone.

Check out Luis Casco demonstrate how to contour like a pro in this video

I hope you find this guide helpful, but for best results speak with someone trained to help you find the right products and get the most from them. Your local Independent Beauty Consultant has an abundance of products to specialize your skin care and makeup to meet your specific needs. Don’t have an Independent Beauty Consultant? Ask your questions here!

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