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2020 Focus on Beauty

Here are my favorite beauty resolutions. I haven’t set this specifically for this year, but they are all things that I have focused on building over the last few years to keep my beauty routine fresh.

Make healthy skin a priority

This is my primary focus for now, you can check out my Skin Care Resolutions for more details. You want some great glamour make-up? It really is all about skin care. Your make-up game will never be a ten if your skin care game is a 3.

Wear SPF daily

This maybe should have gone on the skin care resolutions. Besides the fact that the sun ages you, too much sun exposure can lead to cancer. It’s so easy to avoid, just wear the SPF.

Clean make-up brushes

Make-up brushes really should be clean for each use, but that is a little extreme for most of us. I use a quick spray for daily cleaning, but do give my brushes deep cleanings once a month. The exception is any brushes used for liquid product (like foundation), which should be cleaned once a week.

Throw out old expired make-up

Yep, your make-up can expire or grow bacteria that you are now applying to your face regularly. That three year shelf life goes out the window once it is opened. Shortest lived is liquid eye products (liquid liner, mascara, etc) at just 3 months. Most other liquids or creams are good for about a year, and most powder products are good for two years.

Try something new

Try a new hairstyle, introduce a new color to your wardrobe, wear the shoes that frighten you a little bit. If you are cleaning out all your old expired make-up and restocking it is the perfect time to try a new color or new product. Maybe add a primer if you aren’t using one already, or get a new shade of lipstick.

Be bold

This is going to look different on everyone. I think women exist on a spectrum of those who hide behind a ton of beauty products and those who hide behind not using any beauty products to make themselves invisible (this was me). Some where in the middle is a healthy relationship with cultural beauty standards that looks a little different for everyone. I suspect for most of my readers being bold probably looks like a red lipstick or new hair color, but it might also look like choosing a simple ponytail or wearing just mascara instead of falsies.

See a professional

Sometimes it’s best to trust the professionals for your beauty. Visit your hair dresser regularly or consider getting a professional manicure and pedicure. I’m all for DIY, but after years of not having a regular hairdresser I am so thankful to finally be on a regular schedule with my amazing Ms. Jackie. Last summer I even got my first manicure in 10 years and my first pedicure as a married woman. Treat yourself to a little professional care sometimes. It is so worth it.

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