2020.01 January--New Year, Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Intention

Intention setting is enjoying a moment almost as a fad. It’s every where, you can even buy jewelry with your intention or word of the year on it from an ad on Facebook. But if it is just a fad, it is one I can see myself continuing long after it goes out of style because I live my best life by setting intentions to supersede any goals or resolutions. Setting an intention is how I to live up to my fullest power. Even when life throws a few curve balls and side tracks goals, I can react within my intention without letting myself down.

Living intentionally is also a key to reaching goals and making changes in your life. Trying to lose weight? Be intentional about what food you put in your body and stop snacking mindlessly. Trying to save money? Be intentional about what you spend your money on and skip the last minute splurge. I could go on and on. And yes, that is a gross over simplification of reaching those goals, but it is only one element of making real change and growth in your life.

I feel like life threw me more than my fair share of curve balls last year, so 2020’s intention reflects that:

I even have a theme song, “Confidence” by Sanctus Real, which inspired my intention. I’m ordering prints (because pretty things inspire me more than hand scribbled post-its) and it is going up all over the house. It’s already the wallpaper on my phone. All these reminders help me to remember to live it!

Hopefully the quotes below help you choose an intention and/or to live with intention in 2020. Anyone else set intentions instead of (or with) resolutions? What are they?

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