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2020 Focus on Skin Care

‘Tis the season to be making resolutions for the new year. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions because I’ve always figured if it was worth changing it was worth changing now, but it’s easy to forget to take the time to reflect on your life throughout the year. One of my personal goals is to reflect monthly on what I’m going well, and what I need to work on. The very first thing I need to change is how well I take care of myself.

I’ve allowed fatigue, “busy-ness”, and an imagined lack of self-worth to interrupt some of the most basic self-care I could possibly engage in, which is my skin care. I know so much better than to deny myself this basic care. I also know that when my skin feels nice and healthy the rest of my feels better too. And if I’m skipping this most basic self-care, do you think I’m actually doing anything else for myself? I know I can’t be my best self if I am not taking care of myself, so here are my skin care resolutions for the New Year (or rather—the new day) to re-habitualize healthy self-care and self-love habits.

Wake Up my Face Each Morning

Fatigue is a legitimate issue for me, but I can at least not look so exhausted by waking up and freshening up my skin in the morning. And by each morning I mean when I first get up, not whenever I get around to it, maybe before school lets out.

Remove Makeup Before Bed

I don’t wear makeup everyday because I don’t head out too often. Heck, when my skin care game is on point I don’t even always wear makeup for errands or meetings. But I do rely on it to avoid too many “You look exhausted” conversations. But it is important to remove any makeup and wash away the day before bed, or I will have twice as many “You look exhausted” conversations the next day, which will make me want to rely more heavily on make up, and round and round we go.

Moisturize Regularly

Not gonna lie, I have been bad about skipping this step in the mornings (or afternoon) lately. I’m putting off taking take of my skin and waiting until the last possible minute to even look at my face before going out. So I wash and go straight to foundation. This is a big no, no, and I have really been short changing myself. So I’m resolved to allow myself time to moisturize twice a day and let it absorb before applying any foundation. During winter I also want to be conscious of other dry patches on my body. During summer it means still moisturizing even though I sometimes feel too oily. Don’t forget that oily skin can be a reaction to your skin being dehydrated!

Exhausted Mama Tip: I keep my nighttime moisturizer on the nightstand so I don’t have to stand at the bathroom mirror any longer than absolutely necessary and moisturize in bed while watching Netflix with my love.

Drink More Fluids

This is an overall health goal that will help to keep my skin glowing from the inside out. Water is best, but contrary to popular belief, all fluids help. Also, drinking slowly through out the day is essential. Your body can only absorb so much water at one time, the rest will go right through you.

Soup-Up Skin Care with supplements

It takes 1 extra minute to take my supplements off the shelf and use them. Still, on those nights that I’m dragging myself to the bathroom to wash up, it feels like a bridge to far. But I know that my skin will thank me for using them consistently. By only using them occasionally I’m not allowing my skin the chance to build up reserves and get the most benefits from them.

Pause for pampering

I have a drawer full of pampering products I adore. Yet. I rarely allow myself the time to indulge, which is foolish for a few reasons. First and foremost, I am worthy of some pampering and self-love, because even when I can’t see it I’m actually pretty awesome (I’m sure you are too!). Secondly, health habits, such as taking care of your skin are not “indulgent” and should not be denied when they are so readily available.

Want to learn more about creating a healthy skin care routine of your own? Not sure what type of supplements or pampering products will be best for your skin type? Check out my Skin Care Essentials series!

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