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Choose Joy Part 3

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Consume what brings you joy

This goes along with last week’s post on cultivating a joyful environment. Be aware of what media you are consuming throughout your week. Listen to music that lifts you up. Read books with encouraging messages. Watch shows that give you hope. This certainly doesn’t mean you have to give up darker favorites, but if you are struggling maybe give GOT a break in favor of a happy ending romantic comedy.

Give up guilty pleasures

Seriously, give up guilty pleasures, or rather give up feeling guilty over things that make you happy. So much media right now has to be edgy and dark to be “worthy art”. But if the trashy sitcom makes you laugh at the end of a hard day, or the latest one-hit-wonder has you bopping your head in the car, ENJOY IT, guilt free. Unless you are a secret psychopath who finds pleasure in drowning kittens you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Find a hobby

I’m a creative person, so there is little that brings me more joy than finishing a creative project, be it a scrapbook page, a knit baby blanket, or a graphic with a new favorite quote. My amazing a-dork-able husband plays D&D and collects endless trivia facts about every topic under the sun. I have friends who bake and decorate amazing cakes and cupcakes. Maybe you are one of those lucky people who finds joy in working out or running! If it makes you happy, do it, and more importantly SHARE it. Shared joy grows.

My favorites

Everyone has different tastes, but if you are not sure where to look for some cheery media, here are a few of my favorites:

Explore the Series

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