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Skin Care Essentials Part 3: Creating a Healthy Routine

Today we are talking faces. Faces are special. Here’s why:

  • The skin on your face is thinner and more delicate than the skin on your body
  • Repeated facial movements put a greater strain on your facial skin than on the rest of your body
  • You face has more sebaceous (oil-producing) glans per square inch than anywhere else on your body, making it more prone to hormonal changes.
  • There are fewer cells per square inch than other areas of your body, making your face more prone to damage
  • Your face is exposed to more of the elements and the environment year round than other parts of your body that are protected by clothing.

What are the steps for a good facial skin care regimen?

There are three critical steps for a healthy regimen.

  • Cleanse
  • Hydrate
  • Protect

That’s it. Cleanse, Hydrate, Protect. And many skin care regimens combine moisturizing with UV protection all in one step, so it is really easy to take care of your face.

Step One: Cleanse

Being exposed to the sun and pollution, as well as creating more sebum (oil) means your face should be washed twice a day. Washing in the evening removes everything you have come into contact with during the day. Even if you can’t see it on your face, take a look at all the smears and oil on your glasses or sunglasses and you will get an idea of what is on your face. Washing in the morning removes all the oils that you’ve been rubbing your face in on your pillowcase.

Step Two: Hydrate

Now if you are thinking, but my skin is oily I don’t need to moisturize, think again. Your body will naturally increase oil production if it thinks your skin is getting too dry, so moisturizing can actually decrease the oil the glans in your face produce.

Step Three: Protect

This is really more for daytime. Your face is exposed to the sun daily, yes, even in the dead of winter, so it is important to protect your skin from cancer-causing UV rays year-round. Many skin care regimens include UV protection in a daytime moisturizer so this step is already taken care of.

Using a foundation will also help protect your skin from the elements and ensure that more of the pollution you come into contact with during the day is washed down the drain at night when you wash your face instead of being absorbed by your skin.

Identify Skin Care Needs and Wants

When deciding on a regimen you need to consider your personal skin type. Does your face tend to be dry or oily? Maybe it is a combination of dry and oily or it is neither dry nor oily (“normal”). Do you have special skin concerns like acne or sensitive skin? Are you looking for something that will slow or reverse signs of aging?

For many special concerns, such as aging or especially acne, you skin may benefit from additional steps in your regimen, but even just starting with the right cleanser and moisturizer is a good step. In our next post we will explore some things you can add to your basic skin care regimen and what to look for to address certain needs.

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