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My Beauty Philosophy

If you followed my old blog, you’ve probably seen this before. But I thought the best way to launch my new site is to tell you a little about my beauty philosophy. These beliefs influence all my posts here, from information about healthy skin and easy color techniques to encouragement for the hard days.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or is it? I believe that beauty is in the heart of the beheld. You may wonder how someone who believes that true beauty is more than skin deep came to be a beauty consultant for skin care and makeup.

For many years I chose not to wear makeup, not to take the time to style my hair, not to put too much thought into my clothes, because that was not where my beauty lies. But what I was really doing was making myself invisible, hiding my beauty behind a flurry of things that would distract anyone from looking too close. I told myself I was making those choices because I didn’t need external things to feel confident, but really I didn’t believe I was worthy of being externally beautiful, and I succumbed to the societal pressure of trying to making myself feel good without any external support. And I was tired.

Well, if self confidence and kindness is the foundation of true beauty, how are you going to repair or strengthen that foundation if it is buried under tons of rubble? How can you focus on the work of building that foundation when you are distracted by so many other less important things? How can you believe you are beautiful if you don’t feel like you are beautiful?

For me, the bags under my eyes and patchy skin tone distracted me from seeing that the self confidence I had forgotten was still there under all the fatigue. Itchy dry patches of skin and irritated pimples shouted at me louder than the quiet kindness in my heart could whisper in my ear. Feeling comfortable in my own skin again after bringing five babies to term started with literally feeling comfortable in my own skin, with nourishing and pampering my skin so it didn’t shout out for attention any more. Covering up the “flaws” that distracted me, allowed me to see that I was still there under everything that was going on in my life.

It took time, but I actually like myself again. I was able to rebuild my self confidence and relearn to be kind to myself when I actually saw myself instead of my physical distractions, even at a time when my chronic symptoms worsened. My skin is much healthier now, so when I wear make-up I don’t use it to cover up distractions, I use it to shine a spotlight on my confidence. I am comfortable being seen and acknowledged. I own the space I take up. Because I know my own beauty and worth, I don’t rely so much on needing external support to believe it, but I never could have gotten back to the confident self without some help. Perhaps the best part of this transformation is that it is so much easier to share my kindness and inner beauty when it is not hidden behind a cloak of invisibility.

So I joined Mary Kay to help other women discover, or rediscover, the inner beauty hidden behind all their distractions. I want to help you feel comfortable in your skin by providing the tools to keep your skin from being irritated and angry. I believe that if your skin is happy and healthy it will spread to other parts of your life.

The glamour part of the business is just icing of the cake. If you want glamour, I can help you find the colors and tools to quiet your distractions or to amp up your spotlight.

But I can’t sell you anything to make yourself beautiful, because you already are.



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